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Telemedicine has existed for over 2 decades in India. Major places like SGPGI, KGMC, BHU, AIIMS and other large medical institutions have well established the efficacy of this technology. However, we at Online Chikitsa Mitra are attempting to bring this technology to its final leg by providing primary care through Telemedicine at grass-roots. The benefits of our telemedicine include

  • Improved Access to healthcare consultations with minimal travel and in familiar environment
  • Improved Quality of doctors consulted leading to better clinical outcomes  Cost effective considering the travel time, travel costs and doctor fees for in-person visit
  • Honest counselling and advisory from doctors for future course of action including referral
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Medicine Store to E-Clinic

Transform your medicine store by having specialty doctors available on call throughout the day. Give patients visiting your store the access to top doctors in urban cities and the convenience of consulting them over a video call right at your store.

Patient Satisfactionis the difference

We know it is hard to change to e-consultation from regular consultations and patients are reluctant to try this new method hence our primary focus is on patient satisfaction and we go above and beyond what any other providers do to ensure patient relief.

Here is a simple video which explains what exactly the partner program is all about and also outlines how e-consultations work.

Whether you want to just try out digital consultations at your store or want to jump all in, we have a plan that’ll suit your needs.

All plans require additionally a rolling advance of Rs. 2,000


Ideal for Stores just getting started

1 Flex Banner
2000 Inauguration Flyers
1 camp activity
1 audio jingle recording
1 Vinyl Sticker
Training - 1 user/year
5 medical equipment's
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For stores looking to provide patients a more involved experience

3 Flex Banners
2000 Inauguration Flyers
2 camp activities
1 audio jingle recording
1 Vinyl Sticker
Trainings - 2 users/year
5 medical equipment's
10inch Tablet
Priority Chat Support
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Provide patients a comprehensive telemedicine experience

4 Flex Banners
3000 Inauguration Flyers
3 camp activities
1 audio jingle recording
1 Vinyl Sticker
Trainings - 3 users/year
5 medical equipments
32 inch Smart TV
System Box (android, windows, linux)
webcamera and speakers
Dedicated Customer Success Expert
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Interview : Seedhi Baat

OCM ई-क्लीनिक संचालक "सज्जन लाल" से सीधी बात "आशीष शुक्ला" के साथ । Seedhi Baat With Ashish Shukla

OCM ई-क्लीनिक संचालक "अंकुर वर्मा" से सीधी बात "आशीष शुक्ला" के साथ । Seedhi Baat With Ashish Shukla

OCM ई-क्लीनिक संचालक अनिरुद्द कुमार से सीधी बात "आशीष शुक्ला" के साथ।Seedhi Baat With Ashish Shukla

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